Adapting to New Horizons: A Six-Month Update from Meetagain

Over the past three decades, Meetagain has been a cornerstone in Sweden's conference organizing industry. The challenges brought on by the pandemic are unlike any we have faced in our 30-year history. It's pushed businesses around the globe to their limits and required an unprecedented level of adaptability and innovation. 

Yet, out of challenges come opportunities. That is what we at Meetagain believe in. Led by our CEO, Caroline Knies, we have embraced these opportunities and are now positioned at the forefront of tackling the crucial questions that the meeting and event industry is grappling with today. 

Earlier this summer, Caroline Knies was elected as the Treasurer for the World PCO Alliance (WPCOA). This not only honors her exceptional work and dedication to the industry but also ensures that Meetagain remains central to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of the PCO field. 

Furthermore, our recently onboarded partner, Ellen Franck, has been chosen to sit on the IAPCO council as the Next Gen Chair. Ellen's appointment provides our company with a unique perspective on the innovative technological shifts entering our industry. More crucially, it puts us in a pivotal position to address the current recruitment crisis, ensuring the industry remains vibrant and appealing for the next generation of talents. 

Sustainability has for a long time been our guiding principle and as a crucial part of the new strategy, Meetagain has doubled down on the commitment to 'Partnership for the Goals' as outlined in Agenda30. This is not just theoretical; it is reflected in our daily operations and our endeavors to foster lasting relationships right here in our Swedish homeland. 

Lastly, we're thrilled to share something exciting on our horizon. We're currently in the process of organizing our most significant congress to date – WTC2025! This event underscores the company’s capacity and ambition, signifying the caliber of clients and congresses that Meetagain is attracting and serving.  

To our loyal clients, partners, and friends: Thank you for being a part of our journey. As we look ahead, rest assured that Meetagain will continue to evolve, innovate, and stay true to the values we hold dear, gearing towards a new era for the conference industry in Sweden and beyond.