Top 5 restaurants to host a conference dinner in Stockholm

After a year of canceled conferences because of Covid-19, just about everyone is ready to meet in person again and actually looking forward to the conference dinner for a chance to catch up with colleagues and friends. A conference dinner can often be seen as the heart of an event because; there’s food involved! When planning the dinner, it's important to think about, not only the venue, but what quality food to serve. What ambiance can you create in the dining hall to make it go together seamlessly with the theme of the conference, as well as if there’s room for some entertainment? The award prize ceremony or speeches from a keynote speaker and the President of the congress are usually important parts of the evening program. Meetagain is a local PCO who has spent the past 30 years organizing congresses and dinners worth remembering. In this article, we’ll present the top 5 restaurants to host the most memorable conference dinners in Stockholm.


As they describe themselves, Winterviken is an “oasis only minutes from Stockholm”. The venue has a ceiling of wooden beams, brick walls, and enormous arched windows. Here you can host up to 500 dining guests in the Grand Hall. What is unique with Winterviken is its historic environment. Did you know that this used to be an old factory of Nobel from 1891? Well, now you do!



Now it’s been decided that your conference will be taking place in Stockholm this year for the first time and you want to make sure your conference attendees get to experience the Swedish culture. At Sollidens Matsal you get to explore a traditional Swedish cuisine in their banquet hall with a beautiful view of the inlet of Stockholm. This venue can host up to 550 guests but also host smaller dinner parties.

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Is sustainability important for your conference? So it is for us. At K-Märkt, sustainability is in the focus but so are your creative demands. This place is perfect if you want to customize your conference dinner into the small details. Let’s not forget to mention, the venue's motto is “anything can happen at K-Märkt”.



Do you want to invite your conference guests to a conference dinner they will bring with them for years to come? At Vasamuseet you sit and enjoy your dinner next to the majestic ship Vasa from the 17th century. No matter what size, Vasamuseet can accommodate up to 800 guests or personal touch to the event. The Vasa ship you’ll have as your dinner guest, capsized and sank in Stockholm in 1628 and was salvaged 333 years later. There’s a lot of rich history here and you might learn something new which is always an extra plus.



Located at the heart of Stockholm, Berns Asiatiska was the first Chinese restaurant in Sweden and opened in the 1940s. Sit and experience the beautiful venue with chandeliers decorating the roof while you’re experiencing exotic cuisine with your conference dinner guests.